The artist Albert Cuevas introduces us to these series of works based on nature and executed
through digital techniques. These images, although incredibly aesthetic, are not accidental or random.
All are based on the recognized Auric Section or Divine Proportion, seeking a spiritual principle
and not only visual when working on each work.

From Arboreum to Oniricus, all works by Albert Cuevas are based on real images of trees.
This principle, accompanied by the artist's trajectory and his capacity for observation,
as well as his experience in the digital field and his spiritual concerns manage to reach this mesmerizing result.



Arboreum is one of the artist's first series on this visual path, which has been exhibited in numerous
spanish galleries as well as internationally. Based on the energy of the branches of the trees through dowsing,
the artist developes his creative ability combining shapes and providing photographic textures
to the structure of the branches composing the final work, linked to the Divine Proportion.


Each piece is based on a mandala-shaped structure, a symmetrical image that follows
the universal mathematical structure that we find infinnitely in nature.
Spiritually these geometric compositions represent the unique energy that are provided by plants and trees.


Chromaticism and composition are an essential part of these works.
The use of close-ups accompanied by controlled blurs, give us this sensation of depth and movement.
A cocktail of harmony in shapes and colors that will not leave us indifferent.


The images connect directly with the world of dreams.
The idea behind them on the part of the artist is to take us to a dreamlike state of peace.


Game by which the objects acquire a unique protagonism, within another rare dimensional space.


Emotions and thoughts in a visual labyrinth that invites us to play with the imagination.
Identify the emotions we feel, reflect on our thoughts and know what suggestions
come up to viewers visualizing these chromatic works.